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How can we make sure that we are treating our skin its best for changing climates? What is our microbiome and what role does it play in our skin's health?

Our microbiome is a protective layer made up of oil and good bacteria called microbiota that line our entire body inside and out, including our skin. When the microbiome is balanced the skin remains healthy. During seasonal changes keeping this layer happy is the easiest way to fight against dryness, dermatitis, and acne.


We can try to keep our microbiome healthy by eating foods with polyphenols (darkest greens), eating seasonal vegetables, eating high fibered foods, and eating fermented foods but sometimes even this isn't enough.

Most or nearly all facial cleansers remove or at the very least, dismantle, the balanced microbiome (even if they claim to be ph balancing). Using a gentle cleansing oil is the only way to leave the good bacteria and protective natural oils intact.

That squeaky clean feeling means a stripped microbiome, and that's not good.

A cleansing oil removes everything we need it to remove but still leaves that precious layer of microbiome oil that is attached to our skin. And Alas! Our skin is healthier and happier and the change happens nearly before our eyes!

Our Rose cleansing oil nourishes the skin, keeps its acid mantle intact, and leaves pH levels balanced. Rose and hazelnut oils are both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and help repair skin conditions including acne, dermatitis, aging and rough or bumpy skin.


We have perfected the Rose cleansing oil, and here at the Monastery studio we would probably say that it is our desert island product. If you haven't tried it we suggest that you do!