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 Rose Cleansing Oil
 Aloe Hyaluronic Moisture Boost
• Flora Cream Serum
 Attar Repair Concentrate

Suggested Tools:

• Big bowl or big pot
• Small bowl (ramekin if you have one)
• Masking brush or fan brush (if you have one)
• Towel (turkish towels are nice)
 Tea kettle (if you are using a bowl instead of a pot)
 Essential oil (if you don’t have it use the Aloe hyaluronic moisture boost)
 Gua sha stone (if you have one)
 A healthy drink (green juice, tea, water)
 Quiet space (if you can)
 Relaxing music or sounds (if you choose to)



• Step 1: Pour steaming hot water into a big bowl.

• Step 2: Add 2 drops of EO (preferably invigorating) or pump in a few drops of the Aloe Hyaluronic Boost

• Step 3: Place head over the bowl of steaming water and drape towel over your head to catch the steam.  Take many deep breaths. 

• Step 4: Remove face from bowl, apply 4 -5 pumps of rose cleansing oil onto face. Massage deeply. 

• Step 5: Grab washcloth and put it into steaming hot water bowl for just a second. Be careful remove it and let it sit or shake it out before putting it onto your face. Lay it onto your face. Removing cleansing oil.

• Step 6: Pump 3-4 squirts of Aloe Hyaluronic into a bowl and apply with a brush.  Relax and let the product set in, take a sip of green juice or water. Follow with tapotement massage to stimulate the blood and get ready to move lymph in the face for the next massage.

• Step 7: Take 3-4 pumps of Flora and massage deeply into face. Feel free to use more and go into the scalp and neck. Use gua sha stone for facial massage if you have one.

• Step 8: Apply a thin veil of Attar Floral repair concentrate over the Flora that remains on the skin.