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Say hello to the Rose Cleansing Oil. A cleansing oil that is full of tannins, just like a fine wine. It's these tannins that provide naturally astringent properties to the skin without stripping.  Drying toners are a thing of the past.  The Rose cleansing oil naturally cleanses, shrinks pores and removes bacteria. By embracing and enhancing your skin's natural oils with this cleanser, your skin starts to heal and balance right before your eyes.  To see the full effects of this cleanser, we recommend that you remove all other cleansers and products in your current routine. This simple routine has the ability to heal your skin and see noticeable improvements within the recommended 3 week period.

We studied ingredients for a long time and found the ones that healed acne (on actual people with acne).Our Gold botanical healing serum is a powerhouse healing cocktail, with a super high dose of vitamin K used to fight off the p.acnes bacteria and speed cell renewal to treat damaged cells and the pigmented cells associated with acne.  High levels of Ximenynic acid target inflammation and redness. To see the full effects of this face product we recommend removing all other products except for the Rose Cleansing Oil for at least 3 weeks.  Remove all moisturizers, waters, hydrosols, exfoliants, masks, serums, toners, and continue only with the use of your sunblock.  This face oil will speed heal your skin. 

Let the healing begin.

“I’ve always had acne-prone, sensitive skin, but my breakouts progressively worsened after going off of hormonal birth control in my early 20’s. Within a few days of oil cleansing nightly with Rose, my skin began to purge - I stuck with it. After a few weeks, my skin stopped actively breaking out and the hyperpigmentation began to heal. After a few months, the texture of my skin began to change. A year later, my skin looks and feels totally different.” — Emily