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Athena Answers your Monastery FAQ

The world of skincare can be complicated. At Monastery we aim to keep it simple. Founder & esthetician of over 20 years, Athena, answers your most frequently asked questions. 


Why is oil cleansing better than using traditional cleansers?

A traditional cleanser is filled with emulsifiers and preservatives that change the pH of your skin causing an imbalance. Our skin is coated with a natural layer of sebum made up of oils and good bacteria that is unique to our own bodies. When you use a traditional cleanser that protective barrier is stripped away; disrupting the natural defense system of the largest organ on our bodies. A cleansing oil keeps your pH (or microbiome) intact allowing your skin's natural defense system to do its job warding off bad bacteria that can cause skin conditions such as acne, inflammation, irritation, etc. 


How should I remove my cleansing oil?

Because a cleansing oil does not contain an emulsifier it cannot be rinsed away with water alone. There needs to be some sort of physical vehicle to remove the oil. Whether that’s a washcloth, a cotton swab, a piece of toilet paper, we just recommend that it’s soft and clean. 


How do I find the ideal routine for my skin type? 

Long, detailed routines don’t always equate to great skin. We believe the best way to find what works best is to start with the basics and try to get your skin back to its most balanced, natural state. From there you can address what your issues might be and begin the journey to your tailored routine. The Rose Cleansing Oil was formulated as a universal cleanser meant to reset the skin's natural microbiome.